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Warranties are usually only as good as the people that are making them so choose your repair shop wisely.

  • We warrant all our repair work to meet or exceed industry standards including O.E.M. specifications.
  • The warranty period is for as long as you own your vehicle. If you think we overlooked something, just ask and I’m sure we can fix the problem.
  • Parts used in repairs are warranted by the vehicle manufacturer, warranty varies depending on type of part and manufacturer.
  • Any parts supplied by other than original manufacturer will be warrantied by the aftermarket company.
  • If aftermarket parts are used as per insurance companies, insurance companies sometimes have lifetime warranty on parts.
  • Some Non-OEM parts, namely alternators, starters, A/C compressors, water pumps will have a lifetime warranty available on the part.


Insurance companies are responsible for the towing fees of vehicles from the collision site. Sometimes vehicles are towed directly to repair facilities, like ours, if the owner specifies to take vehicle there. Also vehicles can be towed to the owner’s house if requested. Other times or if no other information is given then the towing company will take vehicles back to their storage area and keep them until being notified by the owner. Insurance companies don’t have the authority to move your vehicle without your consent. If vehicles are stored at one of these facilities or even if you were able to limp the vehicle home, the insurance company responsible will be liable for the tow charge and or storage fees to get vehicle to a repair facility. Our repair shop will pay for the towing and storage fees incurred to get to our shop and we will then bill the insurance company responsible for this expense.

Insurance companies all have their own little quirks they like. When companies merge or are sold to other companies even though agents you deal with remain the same even more issues seem to arise. No insurance company can tell you where to get your vehicle fixed….they may make suggestions if you ask. Bottom line is that the vehicle belongs to the owner and the owner has the right to decide everything pertaining to said vehicle. Decide how you would like to go about restoring your vehicle and you will be much happier in the end.

Keep this page on your mobile device or phone so you can make quick and correct decisions when you have an accident.

Common sense procedures for passengers, road safety & such are first of course. We are a collision shop so our expertise is in handling the vehicle damages and showing you a few areas where we see people make mistakes you can avoid.

  1. Exchange information with the other parties if not a single car collision. Make sure you verify I.D. and write down license plate, make, model. We have seen people give false names, phone numbers and later when the injured party tried to get a hold of someone, no correct name, address, and didn’t write down vehicle information.
  2. Get witnesses if you can, it will help possibly. If you wait for the police to arrive they may be gone. Notify the police if necessary in your opinion. We have seen accidents where people are comfortable with the parties at fault, or damage is minor enough that they take care of it themselves without calling police. Private property (shopping malls, businesses, driveways) accidents are usually just that, private. We have seen where the police will not get involved in some cases on private property. Hit and run of course is different.
  3. Insurance companies would like you to never admit fault. People sometimes are so sad, or distraught at the accident that they say they are responsible for the accident, only to find out later that it really wasn’t their fault or they were only partially at fault.
  4. If vehicle needs towed, here are a few things to think about. The vehicle is yours so you decide where it gets towed. If you make no decision then the towing company will tow it to their storage facility. If you want it towed to your house or property you may have that done. Some people have it towed directly to our shop from the accident. Your choice. Insurance companies are obligated to pay for the first tow for sure. Most will pay for the 2nd tow if it needs to come to our shop. All tow shops in the area are familiar with our shop and if after hours will leave the vehicle at our place and we take care of all the charges incurred for the towing. We will pass the billing on to the insurance company so you have no out of pocket expense.

These are ideas to help you make a good decision. I have seen things done this way so they are real world cases. Always exceptions of course, but hopefully this gives you some insight of what other people have chosen.